Beyond Power Voltra I: A Compact Cable Machine with Big Potential (Targeted Gym Professional Blog)


Is this the future of home gyms?

The Beyond Power Voltra I is a revolutionary cable machine that promises to transform your home workouts. We at Supplement Review Bros put this innovative piece of equipment to the test to see if it lives up to the hype.

A Smart Addition to Your Garage Gym

For gym professionals looking to recommend space-saving solutions to their clients, the Voltra I is a strong contender. This lightweight and portable cable machine boasts a small footprint but delivers tons of versatility. Traditional garage gym enthusiasts will appreciate how it complements existing equipment like barbells and dumbbells.

However, like most cutting-edge fitness technology, the Voltra I comes with a premium price tag. This review will delve into the machine’s functionalities, strengths, and weaknesses to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your gym or your clients.

Expert Testing: A Deep Dive

Our very own Coop, a veteran in the world of home gym equipment reviews, subjected the Voltra I to a battery of tests. He explored various exercise options, experimented with different setups (on racks, belt squats, and even DIY configurations), and evaluated the machine based on industry-standard criteria:

  • Construction and Durability
  • Level of Resistance
  • Performance in Use
  • Accessory Compatibility

Beyond Power: A Company with Pedigree

Founded in 2021, Beyond Power brings together a team of passionate engineers and designers with a mission of seamlessly blending fitness and technology. Their flagship product, the Voltra I, embodies this philosophy, prioritizing versatility and power within a compact design.

Interestingly, Coop discovered a significant portion of the engineering team hails from DJI, a well-respected electronics company known for its drones and microphones. This background in electronic design is evident in the Voltra I’s sleek and robust build quality, noticeable from the packaging to the core unit itself.

Standing Out from the Crowd

While not marketed as a complete home gym replacement like the Vitruvian+ or Tonal, the Voltra I packs a punch. This 13-pound powerhouse offers up to 200 pounds of resistance, applicable to both the concentric and eccentric phases of your exercises. Three training modes and rack attachment capabilities elevate its versatility even further.

Before You Buy: Essential Considerations

While innovative, the Voltra I thrives when paired with a squat rack. Keep in mind that a mount (available in four variations) is a separate purchase. You can even buy a mini rack upright specifically for the Voltra.

Adjusting resistance is a breeze, either directly on the unit or through the Beyond+ app (iOS only, with an Android version on the horizon). However, be cautious of the 4-inch LCD screen positioned near the cable attachment point. A runaway cable snapping back could potentially damage the screen.

Surprisingly, for such a premium product, the Voltra I only comes with a one-year warranty. Coop has urged Beyond Power to extend this, and the company is actively exploring options for enhanced warranty coverage.

Is the Price Right? A Value Proposition

Voltra I

The Voltra I undoubtedly injects versatility into a home gym, but its cost might be a sticking point. At $2,100 (plus the price of a mount), it’s a significant investment. Additional accessories further inflate the price, with the Voltra Ultimate Bundle (including two Voltras, four mounts, and four handles) exceeding $5,000.

Coop advises considering alternative cable machines. REP Fitness’ recently released REP Arcadia functional trainer offers greater resistance (220-pound weight stacks) for under $2,000. Rogue Fitness’ Monster Lite Slinger provides a 300-pound weight stack for just over $1,100, albeit without the Voltra I’s advanced features.

While these options lack some of the Voltra I’s functionalities, they offer a more budget-friendly solution. Additionally, the current iteration of the twin Voltra mode isn’t fully optimized, as the motors don’t sync perfectly, creating an awkward pulling sensation.

For those seeking a minimalist yet highly efficient gym setup, Coop proposes a combination of essential equipment: a squat rack, bar and weight plates, a bench, adjustable dumbbells, and the Voltra I. This configuration provides a well-rounded workout experience without sacrificing space.

Ideal Users for the Beyond Power Voltra I

  • Space-Conscious Exercisers: If your home gym is compact, the Voltra I’s footprint is unbeatable.
  • Tech-Savvy Trainers: For those who embrace smart gym equipment and appreciate app integration (without subscription fees!), the Voltra I is a compelling option.
  • Discerning Cable Machine Seekers: Lifters seeking a premium cable machine with a respectable weight range will find the Voltra I appealing.

Who Might Want to Look Elsewhere?

  • Budget-Minded Gym Enthusiasts: The Voltra I’s price tag might be prohibitive for those on a tighter budget.
  • Dual Cable Machine Devotees: If exercises like flies are a staple in your routine, the current limitations of the twin Voltra mode may be a drawback.
  • Spacious Home Gym Owners: If you have ample room, a traditional functional trainer might offer better value for your money.

Exploring the Voltra I’s Potential

Coop thoroughly explored the Voltra I’s capabilities at his garage gym. He experimented with various DIY setups, attaching the machine to his Rogue Rhino Belt Squat, using two Voltras for incline presses, and even incorporating it into assisted Nordic curls and tricep extensions. His enthusiasm for exploring the Voltra I’s versatility is evident.

However, after using two Voltras in tandem, Coop recommends sticking to a single unit for now. The lack of motor synchronization creates an awkward pulling sensation when using two machines simultaneously.

One of the Voltra I’s most exciting features is the ability to independently adjust resistance throughout the entire range of motion. This allows you to focus on the eccentric phase of an exercise, maximizing time under tension. Coop particularly commends the machine’s swift adjustment capabilities, a feature often lacking in similar smart trainers.

The Voltra I offers three distinct training modes:

  • Weight Training: Standard resistance throughout the movement, with the option to adjust eccentric weight.
  • Resistance Band: Mimics the progressive resistance of a band as the cable extends.
  • Damper Mode: Simulates the resistance of sprinting with a parachute, ideal for plyometric exercises.

Coop’s experience using these modes translates into a perfect 5 out of 5 rating for the Voltra I’s performance.

Unveiling the Accessory Ecosystem

As mentioned earlier, the Voltra I requires a separate mount for proper functionality. Beyond Power offers four options:

  • Sliding Rack Mount
  • Adaptive Rack Mount
  • Fixed Rack Mount
  • Bar Mount (for pull-up bars)

Coop favors the adaptive mount for its user-friendly adjustability, striking a balance between versatility and ease of use compared to the other mounts.

If you lack a rack altogether, Beyond Power provides a wall-mounted upright specifically designed for the Voltra I. They also offer a travel platform, a lightweight board for exercises like deadlifts and curls, along with basic handles, resistance cords, and straight bars.

It’s worth noting that the included attachments are non-metal, likely to prevent screen damage from cable snapback. However, Beyond Power provides a heavy-duty carabiner, allowing you to integrate your existing handles and bars (lat pulldown bars, low row bars, multi-grip attachments).

The Power Within: A Look at Technology

man working out

The Voltra I is powered by a compact yet powerful direct-drive motor, similar to those used in washing machine robotics and e-bikes. Coop inquired about the motor’s lifespan, and Beyond Power estimates a 10- to 20-year range, significantly exceeding the current 1-year warranty.

The Voltra I utilizes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, advertised by Beyond Power to last 14 days between charges. Coop’s experience suggests otherwise, finding it suitable for three workout sessions before needing a recharge. Nevertheless, the battery offers enough juice for a typical workout and is easily recharged after your training session.

Controlling the Experience: Touchscreen and App

The Voltra I offers two control methods: a user-friendly 4-inch LCD touchscreen on the machine itself and the Beyond+ app. The screen provides clear feedback and satisfying clicks while adjusting weight settings.

However, a potential weak spot exists due to the screen’s proximity to the cable attachment point. A loose cable snapping back could damage the screen. To avoid this, it’s crucial to maintain control of the cable during exercises.

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